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Dri Fit


Dri-fit  – It is a brand name. A Japanese company first manufactured these. And it came to European and American markets for Almost ten years. After that, Nike created the term Dri-FIT to define garments composed and designed in such a way that they will bring you freshness and Comfort during physical exercise.

Dri-Fit is a microfiber polyester fabric that wicks sweat to the surface. With it, you will never feel wet while doing sports. Instead, it’s a way to keep you dry and comfortable. It should be noted that Dri-FIT technology is used in several Nike products. You can find this technology on shirts, pants, gloves, and even caps.

How To Wash A Dri-FIT Product?

Dri Fit t shirt

Nike’s Dri-Fit Fabric is manufactured from microfibers, unlike our routine fabrics.

Nike has emphasized manufacturing fabrics more adaptable to sports people. As a result, they have come up with the idea of manufacturing the material made from microfibres.

Products composed of this Nike technology must have specific care. Improper use could influence its functions. As a general rule, what is recommended is:

  • Machine wash inside out
  • Try to wash with cold water
  • Power detergent is not to use, and not liquid detergent
  • Air dry and tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not dry clean

Which Is Better, Fabric, Polyester Or Cotton?

It depends. If I say cotton, it is the natural fiber. We call polyester artificial fiber. The cotton thread is short & staple fiber; you can get your expected form in polyester. That is why polyester strength is better than cotton. Here I can give some properties of cotton & polyester that can make you better know about the comparison:

Cotton :

  • Cellulose Fibre collects from a cotton bale.
  • Soft and Comfort to wear.
  • It can resist static electricity.
  • Wrinkles
  • absorb water more than polyester.

Polyester :

  • Synthetic Fibre is made.
  • Polyester fibers are powerful.
  • Very durable & long resistance
  • Quick drying
  • You can be temporary.
  • Also, wrinkle resistance.

How Does Micro Fabric Work

All the microfibers are synthetic, made from Polyester and Nylon. The Uniqueness of these fibers is:

Ultra-fine (Imagine the fabric thinner than pure silk or as thick as 1/5th of a human hair)

Very Soft, luxurious hand with a silken touch

High strength (Strength needn’t be an issue as it was made up of synthetic fiber)

Shrink Resistance & Wrinkle Resistance

All weather insulator (Yes, can be used against wind, rain & cold)

It takes 1/3rd of the time of ordinary fibers to dry. (Quick drying is one of the pre-requisite in sports fabrics. It doesn’t holds the sweat for a longer time and gives Comfort)

Super absorbent (they can absorb seven times their weight which is far more than cotton, more absorptivity, and more Comfort to athletes)

Lightweight (Due to the superior fineness it possesses)

More Breathable (Thus helping in quicker evaporation of sweats etc.)

So this is what the Nike Dri-Fit Fabric is all about. It’s nothing but the characteristic of microfibers combined with excellent marketing skills.

Is Crept Fabric Good For Summer?

Polyester crepe has been creeping into some of my favorite brands to replace natural fabrics such as cotton, which I find unfortunate. I do not think polyester crepe is suitable for summer, as it lacks breathability. It also requires more specialized care (than, say, 100% cotton).

We all need to figure out why it has been so utilized over the past few years, and we suspect it is due to the cost/value ratio, as the finished product looks nice (crepes, including polyester, have a lovely flow). Still, it is a cheaper alternative to high-quality natural fiber fabrics. I would recommend polyester crepe for a one-time particular occasion piece, but it’s not practical day-to-day, nor will it keep you cool in summer.


In the end, Dri-FIT fabric is a high-performance, polyester knit fabric that wicks sweat not here from the body to the outward of the fabric, where it fades. This allows athletes to stay cooler and drier during hot weather and extended physical activity.

What do you think?

Written by The Health Grades

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