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Health-Related Reasons For Hair Loss  – One-third of the world population suffers from hair loss. It is one of the most frequent problems nowadays. A change of factors can cause hair loss in men. Baldness can be caused by various reasons, ranging from hormonal changes to medical conditions.

The condition primarily affects men, although it can also affect women. Hair loss is a personal experience that varies from person to person. It can be gradual for some, while others may notice sudden hair loss and patches of baldness all over their head.

Pollution is another major cause of hair loss. The air we blow in the water we drink is polluted, and we need to purify water before drinking, which sometimes robs the water of much-needed nutrients.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Causes for hair loss

Hair loss can be attributed to several reasons. This includes genetic factors, hormonal changes, nutrient deficiency, stress, pollution, lack of sleep, etc. Therefore, the first step in solving your hair loss problem is to identify the underlying cause of it—the best suggestion by visiting a certified doctor to seek professional hair loss treatment by experts.

Some Reason For Hair Loss

there may be many reasons for hair loss, but some main reasons are

Wrong Medication

Proper and accurate medication is not harmful, but the wrong medication which injuries follicles is the cause of hair loss. We should consult a specialist doctor for treatment. We should use self-made medication.


Dandruff is a general condition that causes the skin to be flaky on the scalp. As a result, the portion often falls off, shedding white flakes. In most cases, Dandruff is not responsible for hair loss. However, Dandruff can injure your hair follicles with some hair loss but not complete baldness.

Regardless causes of Dandruff, it is essential to moisten and hydrate the scalp with some medicated conditioners. It is also vital to use a medicated shampoo. Massaging with coconut oil on the scalp is also helpful in reducing Dandruff

Protein Deficiency

Proteins for hairs

Protein is deficient when we do not use the proper amount of protein according to our needs in our diet. The  Protein deficiency can cause hair loss. Instead, we should use milk, eggs, meat, and protein-rich foods.

It is also common for women to experience hair loss during pregnancy when hormones return to normal.

Hair Style

the hairstyle looks beautiful to young girls. Hairstyles that produce stress and tension to your follicles can damage your follicles e,g tight ponytails cause strain on your strands, due to which follicles injure and cause hair loss.

Age Factor

Aging is another factor that causes hair failure. With age, our hormone levels increase or decrease, affecting hair nourishment.

Mental Stress

Mental stress is also the cause of permanent hair loss. Therefore, mental stress should be avoided.

Hair Coloring

Some women color their hair again and again. Hair colors typically contain chemicals that damage follicles and cause hair loss. Some women use cheap and non-medicated hair colors that damage their follicles severely. We usually don’t notice, but it can be a permanent cause of hair cause.

Genetic Problems

A few persons have genetic problems due to which their hair falls and sometimes baldness. It has been noticed that some children have the problem of hair loss, and some do not. So parents are not the cause of hair loss.

What Are The Method Of Prevention of Hair Loss Caused By Stress?

As generic as the hair fall problem seems, hair loss has multiple causes, and reasons differ from person to person. Generally, the causes of hair loss can be categorized into three types.

Hereditary– Hair loss is genetic. If your parents have hair loss problems, you are more likely to have them too.

Unhealthy Lifestyle– People who exercise regularly, have a regular sleep cycle, meditate periodically, and are disciplined have comparatively fewer hair problems than ones who don’t. Smoking, drinking, and other addictions also tend to affect hair fall.

Underlying Health Issues- Most people are aware of the first two causes of hair loss but one of the primary reasons for it is underlying health issues. Hair growth does not just take place on the scalp. Your gastrointestinal system is directly associated with the lack of hair growth. In addition, topics like constipation, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, and nutritional deficiencies cause hair fall problems.

The easiest way to prevent hair fall is to have a healthy diet, a regular sleep cycle, and a healthy lifestyle. Stress, alcohol consumption, and other unhealthy habits cause hair fall in most people, which can be prevented easily.


The main reason for hair loss is the lack of physical activity. If you do not exercise or exercise in any form, your blood circulation becomes weak. Due to this, the holes from which the hair grows. The nutrients can be an absence of proper blood circulation. Healthy diet and physical fitness very essential for human hair growth.

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