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How To Reduce Body Heat – Body heat is the most common problem many people face. It is a regular thing. And it can be easily controlled. It provides you with a miniature morning diet that will address your issue. Take one glass of water whenever you outfit in the morning or evening. Then after that, take a half slice of lemon and mix it in another glass of water and take it. Do not mix salt or sugar. And don’t eat anything for at least an hour. Take water but avoid sugar or salt.

Some medicines, hormones, and recreational drugs can also cause the body to foodstuffs excess heat because they increase the metabolic rate.

Body temperature rises when the outside temperature increases and the internal temperature increases. However, the human body is always adaptable to its temperature and can minor it in four ways.

  1. Vaporization: it achieves by sweating
  2. Radiation: the means of releasing heat into the surrounding air
  3. Convection: This occurs when cooler air surrounds the body
  4. Conduction: It is the transferral of body heat into adjacent cold water or ice

What Are The Tips To Reduce Body Temperature?

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There are some Foods and drinks which reduce body heat, and you want to try such things. You can also try some cool water and soak your feet in it. The following way is while you are going to sleep, you can eat poppy seeds. It will reduce your heat but remember that poppy seed is terrible for children. Another tip is to make a paste that includes water or cold milk, sandalwood, and rose water and apply this paste to your forehead and chin.

  • Drink water-cool liquids.
  • Go somewhere with a casual air.
  • Get in cool water.
  • Apply cold to essential points on the body.
  • Wear lighter, more breathable clothing.
  • Take heat-regulating supplements.
  • Talk to a doctor about thyroid health.

The most crucial piece of guidance in this type of situation is to drink frequently. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, continuous hydration is essential to maintain the balance between your body and brain. These drinks should never be too cold, it is always better to take them at room temperature, and the ideal would be to ingest a quantity of more than 2 liters of liquids daily. Also, not abusing alcoholic beverages, with a lot of caffeine or very sugary, is essential since they can cause excessive loss of body fluid.

How Excess Heat Indicate In The Body?

Excess heat indicates increased pitta dosha( hot ). There are many ways to pacify pitta dosha. The most effective one is to increase water intake. If pitta is high, drink at least 5 litter of water daily. Secondly, exercise and sweat out the heat. If you’re constipated, this will also cause heat in the stomach. Such cases. Finally, simple home remedies like coconut

One straightforward yet highly effective remedy is — to soak 3–5 gm fennel seeds and some palm candy (or jaggery/gud if palm candy is unavailable) in one glass of water at night. Then, drink that water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Do this for 2–3 days, and you’ll start seeing results. If there is too much heat, an Ayurvedic medicine called Chandanasav will help. But you should consult a valid first. Also, avoid eating excessive non-veg, dry fruits and other heating foods. Finally, bathe properly two times a day and massage with coconut oil.


Heat stroke is The most severe risk, but other exhaustion situations due to high temperatures and cramps require rehydration care. Heavy sweating, weakness or dizziness, and even muscle cramps, headache, nausea, etc., appear. You should stop all activity, drink fluids and cool down the body.

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